From Traditional To Esports: Building Your Esports Audience [Virtual Pitching Series]

Updated: Jan 15

After the success of our inaugural event in November, we were delighted to deliver the second installment of our Virtual Pitching Series, entitled ‘From Traditional to Esports: Building your Esports audience.’

Headed by our brilliant guest speaker Roger Lodewick, CEO of Dreamhack Sports Games, attending rights owners, agencies and sponsors received invaluable insight about how to enter a market predicted to reach a global audience of 485 million and build meaningful relationships with viewers and gamers alike.

For this session, three different innovative brands showcased their technological solutions designed to engage Esports viewers and/or gamers and pave the way to create new commercial opportunities for rights owners. These were:

  • Sceenic - an award-winning provider of watch together solutions

  • Sport Buff - creators of live social games around video content

  • StriveCloud - enabling rights owners to organise Esports competitions at scale

Were you unable to attend? Well fear not, as here we provide the key insights that were shared:

Roger Lodewick, CEO of Dreamhack Sports Games

1. The modern Esports industry needs to be treated the same as traditional sports, and not be viewed and utilised merely as a marketing tool but as a relevant, meaningful product

2. To do so, the broadcast product and the way fans can engage with it is vital - there is a need to look beyond Esports as just being a streaming product. As such, due consideration should be given to getting key features such as your story, consistency and scheduling right

3. Rights holders and sponsors have a fantastic opportunity to connect Esports with traditional sports because of the existing fanbase and knowledge that allows a strong narrative to be told and understood. Combining with existing gamers is a new audience that is broader and knowledgeable, presenting an exciting existing base for rights holders and sponsors to engage with

Paul Bojarski, CEO of Sceenic

1. Find innovative and simple ways to enable users to invite friends to take part in Esports events to create an immersive watch-together experience. For example, push notifications and links. Inviting friends ultimately drives content to your site

2. Be creative and ambitious about using influencers and / or athletes to enhance live streaming of games. For example, using a functionality where they can request to join a watch together for a period of time to answer questions

3. Make the most of GDPR compliant data - understanding how long people are watching and engaging together, and how they’ve connected, is important for informing and constantly improving your Esports offering

Benn Achilleas, Founder and CEO of Sport Buff

1. Live sports are losing fans, particularly younger audiences who have greater expectations for live content and viewing, being fragmented across different platforms. Through Esports, rights holders and sponsors can become part of the action, making them more relevant to the environment and closer to the audience

2. Real-time engagement can create exciting moments and great insights, helping to convert users within CRM systems from being unknown to known. Doing this through a variety of content is extremely useful, from predictions and polls to live stats and voting quizzes

3. Esports is ultimately providing a way to engage fans, convert them into data and monetise them, all in a way that delivers value through experiences that make them feel part of the production

Freek Borghgraef, Co-Founder of StriveCloud

1. Millennials and Generation-Z have become an enormous proportion of active consumers with many classifying themselves as gamers and watching video game tournaments. This means that Esports should now be a core part of a marketing strategy to address these passion points

2. Organising your own Esports tournaments for players, influencers or professional gamers allows you to own the data as the organiser and seamlessly integrate it into the digital marketing funnel to try and convert

3. It is beneficial to create campaigns that can be reused with multiple competition structures and that can be broadcast across different platforms such as Youtube, Facebook Live and Twitch.

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