Fan Activations That Drive Sponsorship Value [Virtual Pitching SerIes]

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

At SportsTech Match, our mission is to democratize the fan engagement marketplace by highlighting the practical sports technology solutions available that are responding to challenges being faced by rights owners and other stakeholders across sport. We want to help rights owners discover, compare and connect with the right fan engagement solutions at the right time.

We were therefore delighted to successfully deliver our first virtual pitching series session, “Fan Activations That Drive Sponsorship Value,” which took place on Thursday 26th November.

What is the context?

Fan engagement and sport is at a tipping point. The ways that modern fans want to interact with names and teams was changing before the Coronavirus pandemic. The events of 2020 have simply accelerated trends and heightened their importance, with fans increasingly engaging with their favourite clubs and athletes digitally.

Rights owners are therefore seeking ways to deliver value to sponsors and keep up with the exciting and innovative new fan engagement technology being driven by an audience more content hungry and diverse than ever before.

Who was involved?

This session took a deep dive into three leading solutions aiding rights holders in driving value for sponsors and adding value to fans. None were created due to the Coronavirus pandemic but all have a unique proposition to create value. These solutions are:

  • Idomoo - creators of engaging and data-driven personalized video content, unique to each user, that delivers exceptional experiences and more measurable ROI

  • Pico - Get Personal - a game-changing platform making it possible for sports teams and brands to communicate with their audiences 1:1, on any channel, at any time

  • Seyu - A real-time fan engagement photo sharing solution that gives rights holders fan data, generates revenue and instantly distributes safe content through their digital platforms

Furthermore, the session started with invaluable insight into the future of sponsorship from our guest speaker Carsten Thode, a sponsorship expert and Founder of influencer-led event, Aphetor.

Who attended?

We were excited to welcome a diverse sporting community from around the world, with individuals representing a variety of names from UEFA to BT, the European Volleyball Confederation and even the Bulgarian Basketball Federation! During the session attendees were able to ask questions to our presenters and share their thoughts and details on our live chat.

What were the key takeaways?

In just 45 minutes, our presenters and guest speaker provided a range of helpful insight and advice. Here are the most notable takeaways:

Carsten Thode - Founder at Aphetor

1. Traditional sport has been suffering from ‘The Innovator's Dilemma’. It has gained so much success over the years through a broadcast model in which rights holders have monetised through exclusive broadcasting deals with media partners. However, it is now a challenge to find a way to shift this to connect with a younger audience without sacrificing revenue and threatening their monetisation structure

2. Younger audiences do not consume media in the same way as traditional sport goes to market - and this change is for good

3. The answer to this problem comes from the abundance of talented online content creators who are able to create material that engages with these younger audiences

Mike Stone - Director Of Strategic Partnerships, EMEA at Idomoo

1. Brands are now looking for experiences on both global and local levels

2. Personalised experiences are now vital if rights holders wish to get real value, providing a more human connection

3. Building connections with your customers requires an immersive and seamless experience, which can be achieved through intelligent use of data and technology

Yaron Talpaz - VP Strategic Partnerships at Pico - Get Personal

1. Engagement is not the real problem for teams, it is not knowing who they’re engaging with. Fans are now split into two - identifiable (such as through tickets, merchandise and newsletters) and unidentifiable (digital). The latter is over 90% larger!

2. The importance of digital is here to stay, with social media providing actionable data and an engaging experience

3. Sports technology needs to go through a paradigm shift, with the technologies of personalisation and targeting having been used by ecommerce for many years

Mark Nemeth, Head of Sales & Business Development at Seyu

1. The number of identifiable fans within internal CRMs is only a fraction of a team’s digital fanbase, with unidentifiable digital fans often standing for 98% of all fans

2. Don’t just collect data but provide a service that is appealing to fans

3. There is a huge opportunity to connect with remote fans and enable them to become part of their favourite teams and athletes victories and create lasting memories. This was the case even before stadiums were temporarily closed

What’s next?

Our next session will be focused on the fast-growing and exciting Esports industry, entitled “From Traditional To Esports: Building Your Esports Audience,” taking place on Thursday, December 17th at 2:00 PM (CET).

With more and more traditional sports leagues, teams and federations looking to engage with an industry estimated to have a global audience of 485 million by the end of 2020, this next session will seek to answer this question - how can traditional sports rights owners enter this space and build meaningful relationships with viewers and gamers alike?

We will again be showcasing exciting technological solutions that meet this specific challenge, with the solutions built to engage Esports viewers and gamers and pave the way to create new commercial opportunities for rights owners.

Stay up to date on our virtual pitching series here. And in the meantime, if you’re interested in finding out more about SportsTech Match, then take a look at our free to use marketplace.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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