Carsten Thode, Founder - Aphetor [Rights Owner Insight Series]

Updated: Jan 15

Despite the challenging current global climate, a rise in accessible technology is providing exciting opportunities and solutions for those involved in the sports industry; from rights owners to brands, agencies and other stakeholders.

As the world’s first sports technology matching platform, SportsTech Match aims to democratise the expanding yet complex marketplace by empowering those at all levels to both understand and utilise the right fan engagement solutions, at the right time for them.

Through our Rights Owner Insight Series, we are sharing invaluable industry knowledge and opinions from a range of different sports right owners, including key takeaways. These individuals will be representing organisations who are themselves adapting to the ‘new normal’ and building for the future without an unlimited well of resources.

In the fourth episode we speak to Carsten Thode, Founder at Aphetor. During our conversation he talked about:

  1. What is Aphetor and what is the vision?

  2. How Aphetor are challenging traditional business models in sport

  3. What problem would he choose to solve at the snap of his fingers

  4. How rights owners can increase the value of their sponsorship packages

The conversation was so jam-packed with great stuff that we split it into two digestible pieces...

PART 1 (4 minutes duration)

PART 2 (6 minutes duration)

If you are looking for the right fan engagement solution, please see our marketplace or get in touch.

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